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Emil I'Kid
I'Kid 兒童糙米大豆奶粉

Etblisse Emil I’Kid incorporates natural unrefined brown rice, soya protein, soya lecithin and prebiotics, delivering brain-boosting nutrients such as B-vitamin complex, iron and phospholipids. Coupled with Chinese yam and millet, this formulation benefits indigestion and lack of appetite in children. The added oligosaccharide and inulin support growth of bifidobacteria bacteria in the gut to improve digestion and absorption

Ingredients  Soya Milk*, Brown Rice, Glucose, Organic Millet, Soya Protein*, Oligosaccharide, Inulin Fibre, Soya Lecithin*, Chinese Yam * Non-GMO

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Organics Ingredient :
Soy Bean - Kiwa BCS